Why brand places?
As globalisation intensifies, places increasingly compete with other places for attention, influence, markets, investments, businesses, visitors, residents, talent and events. And competition is no longer restricted to the familiar places down the road, over the hill or across the water. Places now compete with cities, regions and countries halfway around the world. Places are increasingly getting caught off guard by unexpected and seemingly sudden shifts in competition and abruptly lose their historic purpose or their competitive edge, be it economic, social or cultural. Place branding is not solely a task for the public sector, but rather a collaborative undertaking of the place's key stakeholders. We help create and work with Brand Partnerships in the places we work for. These Partnerships consist of such diverse groups as the place's public, private, civic and cultural sectors (and specialist entities within them). It is the task of the Partnership to devise a joined up brand strategy, as well as shared implementation plans that ensure the place will exhibit 'on brand' behaviour.
We work to make places become and remain more competitive. We help our clients redefine the purpose of their place and we ensure that the world learns about their place for the right and compelling reasons. This 'brand equity' is what sustains the community, attracts and retains the people, businesses, events, visitors and institutions that the place needs in order to grow and prosper. The places we work for range from urban regeneration projects, urban districts, cities and countries to supra-national regions. Please click here to view our client list.


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